I’m Uncomfortable.

I have said these words in jest more times than I can count over the past two weeks. Whether it was the hard chairs, hard conversations, or cold hard truths I’ve had to face, orientation was anything but comfortable. I cried more last week than I did in the past year. I came face to face with my privilege in ways I will be processing for the rest of my life. I felt guilt, embarrassment, frustration, anger, and hopelessness all before lunch.

I also felt love and acceptance in ways I didn’t even realize I was lacking. I was surrounded by a community of people dedicated to fighting for equality for all people, starting with dismantling the biases within ourselves. I have a feeling the biggest challenges I will face over the next year will come from within my own head, but I know I have a network of compassionate hearts just a WhatsApp away.

So the moral of the story is, yes, I’m uncomfortable. But if I was comfortable after everything we talked about at orientation, that would be far more concerning.

A group of beautiful souls I met at orientation. Thanks for all the Cry Time.

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